Learning the multiplications table

I’m not great at math.  I do like it though.  I actually loved Algebra and Calculus at the university, and even though it didn’t come easy, I really enjoyed the almost puzzle-like questions that these math problems bring.  But not in a while.  Nope.  I haven’t seen, read, or done any of these calculations or math problems in many, many (over 20!) years.

Really! I don’t even know if I could resolve any of them, at this point.  Or is it like riding a bike? That you never forget how… I wonder.  Probably not, because I don’t remember any of the formulas.  Huh… I’ll look forward to practicing some more math when Lucas and Siena get there.  We’ll see.


For now, we are working on multiplications tables.  I searched for some videos, and found lots of resources out there.  Lots, and lots of great worksheets already done by other folks.  Videos I put on hold at the library.  Some music CDs to practice the multiplications with songs… haven’t checked these out yet, but wonder if they will be helpful.


We watched a short video as an introduction to multiplications. Multiplications as repeated addition.  And we took the idea of having cookies (the circles) and adding chocolate chips (glass pebbles) to add them up.


We also used these worksheets for practice, that are so clear and cute.  The kids are enjoying the practice, and seeing the multiplications in different ways.  Seeing them in charts, in the video, drawing them, putting and moving pebbles, writing flash cards, using different color markers, writing their own chart… I know it’s about memorizing them, but I’m trying to make it fun!  I do like math, and I want it to be fun for them too.

One day, we made these folders with pockets to put each set of multiplications as we learn them.  We use the supplies we had, so it’s not quite the same to the folder shown, but it’s the same idea, and it’s been working great so far, for us.

DSC_0011-small DSC_0012-small

We’ve taken a week per table, and since we don’t work on them every single day, it’s been fine.  I think as the multiplications table get harder I think we’ll have to practice more often.  But as always, I want them to be fun and not a chore or a dread.

Do you have any links or books to teach or practice multiplication tables you like?  Please do share.  We would love to see them!


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