When the student is ready

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Zen saying.

We have started our homeschool days.  Our rhythm appears to be much like last year’s.  Formal studying in the morning, some in the afternoon, and sports some of the days. We’ve decided to study Ancient Greece this month.  (I’ll post about all the resources we’ve used on a separate post, for future references.)  I’m not sure what’s next yet.  It’s like that.  We go with what sounds fun.

I’m not sure how we can around to it, but I think it came from an Olympics book we found at the library.  I think it’s funny and fascinating how sometimes we decided to learn about something.  We seem to enjoy getting deep into a subject to learn as much as we’d like, until we feel we are done with it.  We want something new.  So up to the next something.

And then, something else appears.  Maybe in a different way.  A conversation in the car, a book at the library, a story on the radio, a story or a conversation with a friend.  Something will spark our interest.


For now, Ancient Greece is in our table (and shelves, and floors, and…) at the moment.  We don’t know what will come next.  But I always look forward to find out more about that next thing.



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