No wi-fi

Yes.  Technology can be of great help.  Instant information can be of great help. But at home, we have all agreed, still.  We don’t need much of it in our lives.  We are happy with what we have available today at home (yes, it’s great to be able to share our days here in this blog of ours and be able to email and Skype), but we have enough.


We have this conversation at home very often, with the kids too of course.  How do we each feel about having a cell phone?  Have we really needed to have one lately?  Would it better our lives if we had a smart phone?  Do we feel like we are missing out by not having a TV?

We are good.  Still, for now.  We love what we have, which in this case, is time to spend together.  To talk.  Play cards, or Yathzee, or color or draw, even as we wait for our foods in a restaurant or cafe. We like what we have.  We like it slow.  Old style I guess.  That’s OK.  Nothing wrong with it, I don’t think.

My kids bring up this topic (of smart phones) often.  They see friends with them, but also see them playing with it instead of talking or playing with each other.  They see adults with a phone in their hands all the time.  They say they don’t want us to have them.  They see people texting in parks, in restaurants, while driving, in stores, everywhere!

They still bring up a time (last year) we were at a restaurant and the dad was texting and their toddling son walked out the building while he was not paying attention.  To find out, in less than a minute of his texting, his son was walking outside (by a busy street) all on his own.  Few seconds of panic, I’m sure.  I was stressing over this little person being out of reach from his parent, myself.  Oh man.  My kids, 10 and 6 then, still remember this visit to the restaurant, and talk about it as something they don’t want us to do. Though far from them getting away from us and walking into a busy street, they felt the scare too.  We all did.  Gladly nothing happen to this little person.

Today, my kids are out of doors learning survival skills.  A group with whom Siena and Lucas have grown up with, have learned from, have met and become friends with.

I’m glad they know how to gather materials and can make a fire with flint and steal.  I’m glad they know how to use a pocket knife.  I’m glad they can recognize wild plants to eat and make a tea from.  It makes me happy to see them gather a wild plant (weed) from our yard to help their bruise or cut.  I’m glad they can make a snare and collect drinking water in the middle of the forest.  I’m glad they have learned skills I still have yet to learn.  We don’t need wi-fi for that.

It works for us.  We like it slow.  Still.  And we like to talk and hang out together.  We love playing a game while waiting for our foods.  The old style I guess.  Maybe it will change in the future, but for now it’s great and still fun.


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