Room remodel

To continue my streak of yearly summer painting projects, I offered Lucas to paint his room.  He was content with it as it was, but at times he wanted to change his bed.

He had a bunk bed, from when he shared his room with Siena.  He got to sleep up above for few months, but I think he liked the idea of getting a “jumpier” mattress (thicker than what he had in the bunk bed) and a “normal” bed.

And of course, for me, a change of bed meant an opportunity for painting. Though I did some writing on the wall in the kitchen this summer, that didn’t count.


Last summer, I painted the kitchen and our bedroom, back to white.  The year before, summer 2011, I painted the art studio, to match our shed that I had painted the year before (2010). I know, I am crazy, because I did this while we were getting ready to leave to India for 5 months.  I’m not sure why I thought it was important to do it that summer, together with 100 other trip-related things.  But I’m glad I did it, now.

So, four years in a row, my summer painting bug, has been calmed by doing some of it.  In my painting list, has been to get the house done (to match the art studio and shed) but I think that will have to be someone else’s job.  It seems too big of a job for me… but it’s also expensive to have it done, right?  Well? Still in the wait list, I guess.


I wonder if I painted their bedroom the year before I painted the shed… that would have been 2009.  Maybe I did.  I don’t remember.  And I loved the colors when we picked them then.  It was cute and cheerful (because the room was white before that.) It worked and everyone liked it.


But with the changing of his bed, it felt only perfect to give it a completely new look.  And Lucas, after saying he was happy with how it was, he got excited at the idea, and picked his color (after showing him some photos on Pinterest I had pinned for him to look at.)

DSC_0160-small DSC_0161-small

White.  Yup! Back to white in this room too.  Just like the kitchen, we are back to white upstairs again. It makes me laugh to think of the color changes we’ve done.  It’s been white (from when we bought the house 19 years ago) to some bright color that I’ve painted throughout the years.  Either in the kitchen, or Siena and Lucas’s bedroom, or our room downstairs… always changing.  But I like it like that.  I like changes.

DSC_0005-small DSC_0006-small

But oh, this room now.  It is so bright and beautiful. I kept the red trim, because I didn’t want to repaint it, and wanted to keep some color for him too.  But of course, after painting the walls white, and everything looking so smooth and bright, and clean, I re-painted the trim and built in shelf anyways.  It looks so pretty though!  We think anyways.  And that’s all it matters.


All of his toys got new places, rearranging and relocating them.


Some thinning of toys (and clothes and everything really!) happened too, giving more space to this not-to-big of a room.


With a new bed (and yes, with a “jumpy” mattress), a new rug and lamp.


This bedroom has a completely new look.  Incredible what a fresh coat of paint does to a space.  It seems bigger.  Probably from the white paint, but also a smaller bed, and less furniture and less clutter.

I love how it turned out.  I like the feeling I get when I finish a painting job, how it looks, you can see right in front of you, all the hard work usually pays off.  It is always so much prettier, and I love that about painting.

So for this summer, my plan of painting the bathroom has been left behind.  It probably needs it more than Lucas’s room did.  But by painting the room, I made Siena and Lucas so happy, that makes me happy too. I’m sure I’ve seen more smiles and thank yous, than if I would have painted the bathroom, anyways.


But most importantly, we have this little guy of ours, so excited to have this new space for him.  All fixed up, looking good and new.  He is so happy with it, and that we’ve all helped him get it set up and organized.  It makes my heart happy too that we can do this.


2 thoughts on “Room remodel

  1. Monica August 28, 2013 / 3:16 pm

    ¡¡ Que hermosa se ve la pieza de Lucas !! hasta cama nueva tiene ….. tuvieron harta entretención….. pero valió la pena …..

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela August 28, 2013 / 11:09 pm

      Si!!! La pieza quedo super linda encuentro yo. A Lucas le gusta harto tambien, a pesar de que no queria que la pintara al principio. Pero se ve mucho mas grande, entre el blanco y la cama mas chica. Se ve linda, linda. Esta chocho.

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