Fun at the lake + special times

DSC_0024-small DSC_0040-small

Last week we went to play at our friends’ grandma’s lake.  We’ve gone there before, and every time is so much fun.  Fun to get in the water and play, and play all day. From swimming, to paddling, to searching for newts and frogs, to holding a dragonfly, to swimming and diving.

We also saw an osprey catch two fish.  How intense it was sitting on top of a tree, watching, waiting, waiting for the right moment to do its move.  Nature.

No matter what, I find that the water is a fun place to be.


And this lake is especially fun, because we get to see their grandma (and great-grandma!) A sweet sweet lady, who cares deeply for her family (her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids) and has time to share with us when we get to come to her place.  I love listening to her stories, and her days.  She’s always smiling.  She irradiates love.  She’s a beautiful lady I feel lucky to see her every time I do.

I wish I had my grandma here with us to share our lives and her days.  Even 27 years and more without them, I still miss them.  My bad memory and me being too young it’s hard to remember many details.  But we have some photos and some stories that I treasure tremendously.


Fun and special times for sure.


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