Making : Blackberry and apple jelly

I’ve made an apple-blackberry jelly for a couple of years now.  With two apple trees, and blackberries growing everywhere, I feel like we have everything we need for this delicious treat.


I found the recipe on the River Cottage Preserves Handbook a couple of summers ago, when the book came out (in 2010.)

It has been a great hit in our house.  I think it is my personal favorite jam/jelly.  We have plenty of apples and blackberries, and they both ripen at about the same time for us.  They are meant to be together in this delicious jelly.

In the past I’ve strained the apples and berries after cooking it, in a cheesecloth, hanging from the knobs in the kitchen. Like this.

DSC_0225-smallI usually leave it hanging to drain overnight.  But as you can imagine, even with all my planning and foreseeing, when someone needs a glass of milk or water before bedtime, it’s a little tricky to get the glass out of the cupboard.   The hanging bag, with the delicious (and staining) juice ends up being moved too far out of the container where it’s suppose to drain all that great (sticky and staining) juice.

So this year I decided to splurge in two jelly strainers.

DSC_0222-smallI still needed to hang it from the knobs, because I tripled the recipe.  But at least it wasn’t like an obstacle course.

DSC_0219-smallAnd now the jars filled with this delicious jelly are kept away safely for the later consumption.  Oh.  So. Very. Good.


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