Last week…

This past week, we did a little bit of everything.

:: We got together with our friends and watched a movie outside.  It is so much fun we are hoping to do it again before the weather gets too cold.


:: We’ve been picking apples from the tree and off the ground by the buckets every day.DSC_0182-small

:: We are seeing this most days.  Apples and popcorn.DSC_0183-small

:: I had popcorn and lemonade for dinner when I had two days to myself when everyone else was camping.DSC_0185-small

:: Siena and Lucas have been drawing.DSC_0052-small

:: We went homeschool supplies shopping.  Who doesn’t love new pens and markets and notebooks. Right? We are getting ready!DSC_0143-small

:: I am working on four placemats, like the ones I made in the spring.

:: I am starting a new quilt.  Decided on the pattern.  Found the fabrics I’d like to use.  And started cutting the fabric.  I’m excited to get it started.

:: We’ve all been playing Tetris.  This is my high score! (I don’t want to forget such an important moment.)DSC_0068-small

:: They’ve been playing (still) with these drift woods we’ve collected for a couple of years.  They’ve been having so much fun rearranging them and making them be different things.  I love listening to their play.DSC_0132-small

:: We ate a delicious apple pie from our friends and neighbors.  Isn’t it nice to receive a warm pie dish, with a delicious dessert made by someone who cares about you?  Thank you, our dear friends!

:: We got inspired by Maya’s Post at Maya*Made and made hot rocks too.DSC_0059-small

:: Did some screen printing (yesterday’s post.)DSC_0229-small

:: We’ve been preserving lots of foods and the plants are just starting to produce.  I know we still need to can tomatoes, tomato sauce, and pickles.  And I also want to try some fermenting and some new canning recipes.  I’m excited.

:: We picked:

  • 7 cucumbers and shared them with our neighbors.
  • 3 green bell peppers.
  • 3 1/3 Lbs of green beans.
  • 8 pints of blackberries (not from our garden.)
  • 3 zucchinis.
  • 1 yellow squash.
  • 1 Lb of tomatoes.
  • 7 Lbs of blueberries (not from our garden.)

:: We canned:

  • 25 quarts of apple sauce.
  • 8 pints of pickled beans.
  • 14 pints of apple-blackberry jelly.

:: We made 2 quarts of plantain infused oil.

::  We received an email with pictures from my oldest nephew and his girlfriend back in Chile, while they were traveling in Machu Picchu.  They look so very cute together.  I’d love to go there some day.Migue y Carolina 1

Hope you’ve been having fun too.  Thanks for coming to visit in this little space of ours.


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