Outdoor swimming + a trophy

DSC_0274-small DSC_0282-small



We’ve had a couple more swim meets Siena has really enjoyed.

DSC_0273-small DSC_0278-small DSC_0280-small

Though I don’t have a big experience in swim meets (yet) I like the ones we’ve been to so far.  And these outdoor meets have been really fun for all of us.


We can have a picnic, watch everyone swim, enjoy the evening warmth and sunshine without being super hot from indoor pools.  It’s been a way to spend a fun summer evening.

DSC_0285-small DSC_0301-smallAnd of course, it’s really fun, because of this little big cutie of ours.

DSC_0310-small DSC_0294-small DSC_0305-small



I love it.  I love watching her and seeing the kids of all ages swim and try so hard to improve their times.  Most of them look like they are having fun too.

DSC_0308-smallMark volunteered to be timer, and he really enjoyed it too.  Got to meet new parents, had fun talking “parent of swimmers talk” and as he said, it was fun to see the kids swim up close, as they complete their race.

DSC_0313-small DSC_0316-small DSC_0319-small DSC_0320-smallAnd then watch Siena try something new.  Get new times.  Learn how fast she can swim. Try harder each time.  See how much she’s gone from just few months ago.


Seeing her look up at the time board, to see how she did.  She seems so grown up.  And I love watching her swim.  I love watching her be so happy with what she’s doing there.



DSC_0332-small DSC_0331-smallShe loves it so much.  It makes me happy too.


For one of her races, our friends came to see her. Oh… how fun it was! Siena was so excited to share one of the things she loves the most, with special people.  She shared what we’ve learned quickly in the past few months of our swim team experience.


But it didn’t matter to anyone how long they waited for them to see her race.  She was so happy to get out there and swim her best.  And have friends cheering for her on the side of the pool.

(Ah! And yes, in her beautiful butterfly stroke she was 5 seconds faster than last month, and just 1 second short from being a state time… I know… here I am, a proud Mamá doing the swim talk I’ve learned lately.)

DSC_0130-smallThank you to our dear friends for coming to see Siena swim (just under 2 minutes total in the water) and have a picnic and some fun talks that evening. It made all of us so happy!


And the next day, we have a trophy handed to Siena by her good friend, for her great swimming.  Can it get any special than that!

DSC_0135-small DSC_0139-small

And for an update to the grandparents far away… here is your granddaughter swimming 100 m freestyle, in under one minute.


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