:: right now ::

It is August, and we are in the middle of the summer.  Right now I am:

:: glad I found this video by the Argentinian group Soda Stereo, from long, long ago… high school years.  Let’s just say it’s more than 20 years ago, but who cares the age or the style, right?

:: sad to see these cool Tonka trucks go.  I know my kids were not using them anymore, and they were just piled on the side of the yard, collecting dust and rusting.  So we decided they were ready to part with them. But I’m still sad.

DSC_0030-small DSC_0038-small

:: feeling lucky and thankful of our great neighbors of more than 10 years. They bought a trampoline and my kids have enjoyed playing there as much as their kids have, I think.  Thanks for buying a jumpoline (as we call them) and letting Siena and Lucas play!


… and do you see that big dog underneath, taking the shade?  He is the cutest dog, and I feel so lucky we get to see him every day, and pet him and take care of him once in a while.  A great big dog that has filled our hearts since we’ve lost ours 4 years ago.

:: reading this article a friend send me the link after my post the other day.  About preserving kindness in a busy world. If you have minute go read it.  It’s a great reminder to take it a little slower.

:: loving that we live so close to the pool.  It’s been fun going almost every day, to cool off and play.

DSC_0011-small DSC_0013-small DSC_0014-small

:: starting to think about fall and what we’ll study.  Siena is excited I think, to get started. She’s brought it up a few times lately.  I am still in summer mood, but I know fall is coming, which means Mark goes back to work and we go back to our year (school) schedule.

:: loving looking through all the pictures this month.  All the fun, all the foods, the garden, the playing, the swimming… fun.

:: enjoying gathering with friends.  Catching up, talking until late outside, gathering by the fire, and some delicious foods.


:: loving this glass piece Siena did in the art camp she took few weeks ago.  We still miss our little kitty.  And this is a beautiful way to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have had him in our lives.


:: of course also loving all the flowers that have come up in our special little corner of our yard, to remind us of our pets we have loved and cared for.


:: still laughing at the crazy things my kids come up with.  Skateboard-cart? Skate-carting? Board-boxing? It doesn’t matter.  I love the creativity, craziness, silliness, scream ing and laughs (and the video) that came with it.

:: wondering if they should have been wearing a helmet…

:: enjoying this beautiful post on how to talk to your daughter.

:: enjoying this thrifted bed spread I found a few months ago.  Someone embroidered it, and I never thought about doing that.  It looks so pretty, and it’s in great shape.  I think it’s more like a full size but I place it on top of our comforter cover, and I don’t mind not hanging down a lot.  I like the work that someone did on it. All the time spent in making it pretty.  I love handmade things.


:: enjoying the details.

DSC_0313-small DSC_0316-small DSC_0315-small

:: also enjoying having this pillow I embroidered for a Father’s Day many years ago, from a drawing Siena made.


Hope your summer is going well, if you are on the north hemisphere.  And I assure you, (my parents and friends living south of the Equator), longer days are on your way.


2 thoughts on “:: right now ::

  1. Monica August 10, 2013 / 3:27 pm

    Hola Marce , hace días que no habría tu blog , me encontrado con hartas novedades . ese cubre plumón es precioso ¿ quién lo habrá hecho ?

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela August 11, 2013 / 12:17 am

      Hola Mama. Que lindo es el cubre cama/plumon. Tambien me gusto harto, y aunque queda un poquito “justo” en la cama de nosotros, me encanta igual. No se quien lo habra hecho, pero tanto trabajo y tan lindo. Una linda idea. Cierto?

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