Picking berries


We went to pick blueberries at the same spot that we usually do, in Sauvie Island.


This time with our friends from out of town.

DSC_0118-small DSC_0119-smallWe picked enough blueberries for making a little jam, eating fresh of course, and freezing the rest.  Between the picking we did this day (with lots of help!) and the blueberries we picked at a friend’s house, about 100 lbs picked, I’m hoping it will last us over the winter.  We’ll see!

DSC_0132-smallFrom the blueberry farm we went to pick Marionberries and raspberries.

DSC_0139-smallWe felt that to get a real summer visit to Oregon, you have to get fresh Marion blackberries.

DSC_0135-small DSC_0146-smallDelicious!  I love them.

DSC_0144-small DSC_0141-small

We picked enough for fresh eating, making jam (for our friends to take home), smoothies, and Mark made a cobbler.  A new recipe, and I need to ask him for the link because it was really good, almost like a cake, and you should try it.



Mark picked a few raspberries. Just enough to eat fresh.  We missed the peak time this year.  So none for the freezer for the winter.  We’ll make do.

DSC_0149-smallStopped under this very old oak tree at the farm, where the breeze cooled us a little, while we played and rested.



This is the summer smile I love to see around.  Just perfect!  Berries fresh to eat, picking, running, laughing, talking, hanging out together, telling stories or riddles, passing through the sprinkler (even at the farm!) and of course, lots of playing under the sun.


A stop at the farm’s store to pick other fresh produce, a sun hat (or two), and we are ready for our next stop.

Oh… that’s summer in my book!




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