To continue in my “let’s go outside” week of posts.

I’ve realized that a lot of my childhood summers, were very different from what my kids are experiencing.

Growing up we’d go to the house by the lake my parents owned for the almost three months of summer.  My dad would comeback to the city to work through the week, and then come back on the weekends.  My mom would stay with me and my brothers (and any friends we’d bring) the whole summer.


It wasn’t too far from civilization, not at all.  but the house was far enough that this is where we stayed and played and hung out.  And we played in the water all day long.  We’d come “visit my mom” whenever we needed a snack or lunch, and then even after dinners, we’d still be playing outside by the lake, or take another swim, or whatever else we were doing.

There was no worries about cars, or traffic, or people.  There was no one but us, and my uncle and cousins and one more family friend and their kids.  We were all friends.  We knew to be safe in and around the water and we learned to be comfortable and be smart around it.  I was one of the youngest of all the kids running around.  But it didn’t matter.  We all played, sometimes together, sometimes alone.  We were always just outside.

We swam, snorkeled, learn to dice, rowed boats, and rode on a small motor boat we had, skied, windsurfed, and anything else we’d come up with.  It was really fun. I have so many great memories.

DSC_0106-small DSC_0110-small

Now, my kids still have great summer breaks.  But we live in the city, and we head out of the city as much as we can.  But there’s not one place, like I had growing up.  We go back camping to some of the same spots, but it’s not our spot like the lake house was for me.


We also enjoy many different city things there is to do during the summer, mostly outdoors.  There is lots out there.  And yes, it is fun too.


Both Mark and I having grown up with a fair amount of country life (or something close to that), we get outside as much as we can.  Rain or shine.  You know, living in Portland (Oregon), with as much rain as we get, we have to  get out even in the rain.  We have a good rain coat (for those of us who want one), and some of us go without.  As my kids say “the rain feels so good!”… they are Oregonians for sure!


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