The 4th


This year, the Fourth of July went by quickly, in between other days, also filled with fun-ness (is that a word?)

Our day usually is nothing big but we like being at home.  We try to barbecue something, have a yummy dessert, and in the evening head down to the bluff.


That’s where it’s happening!


There’s where the party is going. And we like to watch it.

DSC_0031-small DSC_0030-smallLoud and crazy as it is, it’s fun.  And we’ve gone for many years, even before having kids.


And we do nothing crazy, really. DSC_0015-small DSC_0016-small DSC_0017-small DSC_0020-small DSC_0022-small



We leave those for others to do.

DSC_0068-small DSC_0049-small DSC_0071-small


DSC_0036-small DSC_0072-smallWe just enjoy.  Lights, music and sounds noise and all.



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