The garden this week

DSC_0080-small DSC_0236-small DSC_0237-small DSC_0339-small DSC_0340-small


Tomato and bean plants, all grown form seeds this year.  Siena, Mark and Mac did a great job in watering them and I can tell they all have a very green thumb.  We are so thankful!


DSC_0342-smallVolunteer pumpkin plant.

DSC_0343-small DSC_0344-small DSC_0346-small

My Lemon verbena, growing great this second year.  A fourth try in having this delicious plant in our garden.  We’ll see.

DSC_0347-smallLucas’s cilantro.  Growing slowly but we think it will make it.  

DSC_0349-small DSC_0350-small DSC_0351-small DSC_0353-small

These bean plants… growing by the minute!

DSC_0354-smallAnd this grape plant.  Doing very good too.  Thank you Mac for all your help in getting our garden started while you were visiting!  We are enjoying the fruits already. 



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