We went to get a milkshake


When it seemed to have been 110 degrees at 10 in the morning, Mark calls me to go outside from the air conditioned homed one morning while in Idaho.  Everyone is watching a helicopter, and says “bring the camera.”  I’m thinking, “I only see a dot in the camera, and it’s 110 degrees out here.  You are crazy!”

But the helicopter gets closer.

DSC_0545-small DSC_0547-small

And it’s obviously someone Mark’s parents know.  Siena and Lucas, and all of us really, are excited to see a helicopter land right in front of the house.

DSC_0549-small DSC_0551-small

DSC_0554-smallNot only did we take pictures from the outside and inside.

DSC_0557-small DSC_0561-smallWe actually got to take a ride.  And we thought of our friend Mac the whole day.

Photo taken by Mark.
Photo taken by Mark.

He probably knows what all these dials mean.


The view from up there… so pretty!



But the scariest thing I’ve done in a while.  If I would have had more time to think about it, I would have declined the invitation to ride.  But once up in the air, and trying not to pay attention to the “bumps” (you know that elevator feeling?) the view was amazing.

DSC_0579-small DSC_0580-small DSC_0586-small DSC_0589-smallDo you see those straight roads? It has always amazed me.


DSC_0595-small DSC_0597-smallAnd not only did we see the beautiful landscape of where we were staying, we also went to get a milkshake.  In a helicopter.  Not a big town (actually a very, very small town) Fairfield, Idaho with a population of 418 (data from 2011.)  We parked the helicopter right across the street (the highway) from the Wrangler Drive-In and walked to get a milkshake.

We’ve never done that before! Ha! Now we can check that off from our list of 100 things to do this summer!


So after cooling off we headed home.

DSC_0630-small DSC_0631-small

DSC_0593-small DSC_0635-small DSC_0638-smallFun to see the lines from the irrigation system marked in these patterns.


And yes. Finally at the house.

DSC_0646-small DSC_0660-small

Safe on the ground.


Thank you for the adventure!


DSC_0691-small DSC_0563-small


And yes.  Now we see helicopters in a whole new way.


One thought on “We went to get a milkshake

  1. seeker July 17, 2013 / 5:43 am

    All of that for a milkshake? That is what I call FUN.

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