Where I am right now

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Every time we go to Idaho, I feel more rooted to where I am right now.  Mark and I are not the kind of people who like changes.  We are lazy that way.  We like what we have and don’t want it to change.  We don’t like last minute-ness a whole lot, and it’s hard sometimes to be spontaneous.  I think all four of us are this way.


We like to stop in the same place on our way there, because we like it, it’s a great spot, a little over half way, and it’s usually cooler.  We also like traditions.


I like to make plans, and I need my time to think things through, and get ready.  If I have a knitting project going already, it makes it a little easier to be spontaneous, when there’s driving or sitting for a while. But if I’m in between projects… it’s not a good thing.  I need to time to get ready.  The idea of having hours sitting in a place, where I could be knitting… oh no… I need to have a project going.  If you are a knitter, maybe you understand what I mean.  It’s precious time I could be productive, knitting something, and I can also be watching out the window and talking.  I need something in my hands.  I like making things.

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We feel comfortable with where we are right now, and I personally love what it is at the moment.  We know each other, we understand each other.  The kids are growing, but I feel that we are growing together.  We like what we have.  I feel that we are in a beautiful time right now, like we are on a trail of some sort, a nice walk in our life.

Thinking that two years ago almost exactly, we were getting packed, reading our home and ourselves to go on our adventure of 5 months to India, amazes me.  Back then, I was ready for it.  I was ready and looking forward to a family adventure, to see the unknown, to shake my life a little.  To shake our lives.  Exciting.  And it was amazing, in so many levels.

DSC_0710-small DSC_0711-small

Right now, on the other hand, feels calm.  I feel that our lives are cycles, and I know this calm won’t be forever, and I don’t really want it to be like that for long either.  But with all the energy that summer brings, I am enjoying this place where we are right now, as a family.  And personally.


So going to Idaho, for me, feels foreign.  So very different from where we live.  I grew up in Southern Chile, in Temuco, a place almost exactly to Portland.  Rivers, lakes, mountains, not much snow around, not too hot, lots of rain, trees everywhere… so Portland, feels like the home where I grew up, and the home of my adulthood.


I like seeing the contrast from where I live.  I enjoy the differences all the while knowing I will return home.  I need the water.  I love the rain. I really do. The green.  It makes me feel calm, rooted.  It makes me feel at home.


And I really enjoy the drive too.  The differences while we drive East on the freeway. I find it amazing that in just few hours we are driving through rocky grounds where the common is brown and gray, as we leave behind the green-ness.  I also love Mark’s big skies.

But for me, I am comforted knowing I will return to the greens in few days.  As some people need the sun, and knowing the next day will be clear as the day before, I need the trees, its shade and the water.  I need the shade from clouds, and I even enjoy the uncertainty of what tomorrow’s day will look like.


And I love it when we drive back home again. As we start to see the greens appearing on the side of the road.  After a nap maybe, or few rows of knitting, I see the hills have transformed from shades of browns to shades of green.  And I know I am home once again.


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