The other things we did while in Idaho

Besides all the fun that it means to see the grandparents, we did lots more.

Celebrated Siena’s birthday (a few more times.) Played catch.  Knitted. Fed chickens and cows. Stayed inside in the air conditioned home.  Had lots of cake.  Made ice cream.

DSC_0348-small DSC_0350-small DSC_0354-small

Went to an amusement park.  Played golf.

DSCN5390-small DSCN5423-small

Watched the stars and sunsets.  Played new games. Watched the sky and the mountains.  Had ice cream. Had pizza (more than once.) Heard the wind. Petted and snuggled with furry friends.

DSC_0410-small DSC_0703-small

Saw a snake (not sure if it was a bullsnake or a rattle snake… I don’t really care, it scared me the same.) Saw a shooting star. Heard coyotes every night. Read stories together.


Rode motorcycles.


Drove cars.

DSCN5393-small DSCN5396-small DSCN5399-small

Were on boats.


Felt the wind. Felt hot. So very hot that I felt like in a daze most of the day.


Shared meals.  Saw deerelk and antelope.  Received presents.  Heard new birds singing.


Slept with the windows open. Found owl pellets. Had delicious watermelon and great foods. Played Scrabble (lots of it!)

It was a full and fun week.


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