Farmer boy (and girl)

It’s fun to be out of the city. There’s so many machines and equipment we don’t get to see in our day to day.  So it seems appropriate to do — help, with the chores.




DSC_0368-smallThough other years we have helped grandpa with the mowing of the grass, this year the tractor was out for a ride, and to get the bale for the archery practice!



But Lucas and Siena did help with the swather to get the hay ready to be baled.



Photo by Mark. I was inside, it was almost 100 F.
Photo by Mark.
Photo by Mark.

DSC_0476-small DSC_0478-small DSC_0479-small DSC_0481-small DSC_0484-small DSC_0487-small

Photo by Mark.
Photo by Mark.

So grandpa wasn’t alone in the cabin!



One thought on “Farmer boy (and girl)

  1. seeker July 12, 2013 / 5:35 am

    This is wonderful to share the simple things in life that is not found in the city.

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