The making of the cake

A friend directed me to this site to the perfect cake for my swimmer daughter.


We made a yellow cake from a recipe we like and then put the mix of blue and green frosting to match the perfect color of the swimming pool’s water.


Put the diving blocks.


And then we got to the most difficult part.  Who would have thought.


Siena made sure she had the right arms for the right swim style. She cut the pretzels so they can be match the legs and arms to the butterfly stroke.  Perfect, matching arms and legs.  Oh yes!

DSC_0014-small DSC_0013-smallWe made some cupcakes for friends who couldn’t come to the party, and we celebrated later.  And Lucas helped too, making sure they are showing the right stroke.


And we finished the cake with the flags across the one end of the pool.

DSC_0017-small DSC_0028-small

The perfect cake for this beautiful little swimmer of ours.


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  1. Glendie July 7, 2013 / 7:11 am


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