Making : Our own telescopes


We thought it was perfect to make our own telescopes.  Studying the solar system the last month.  The planets, the stars, and with the summer coming up, we think we could use them.

DSC_0004-small DSC_0006-small

So I ordered two kits  from Edmund Scientifics.

DSC_0009-small DSC_0012-small DSC_0013-smallI think we could have played with the lenses for a lot longer… maybe we’ll do that some other time.  How cool is it when you can see everything up-side down, just because of a lens?

DSC_0014-small DSC_0015-small DSC_0016-small DSC_0019-small

Building these telescopes, even from the kit, were more difficult than I expected, mostly because of the precision and the cleaning of the glue from the lenses.  But both Siena and Lucas built them with some of my help, without much problem.


But then, we had them ready.  It took us a while to make them work, focused to their eyes.  But we found the right spot and worked on them.

It was the most fun when we took them to the Star Party, and we were able to see the moon’s craters and Saturn! (I can keep talking about Saturn if you’d like…) And yes!  We saw Saturn with our own homemade telescopes! With rings and all (no Titan though…) How cool is that. (We thought it was cool, at least!)


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