Late spring


I know Summer is almost here. And everything outside shows it. It is a beautiful time of the year.

DSC_0509-small DSC_0510-small DSC_0511-small DSC_0512-smallWe are waiting for our first artichokes.

DSC_0514-small DSC_0520-small DSC_0521-smallRhubarb is growing, but I think we need to move two of our plants.  They are not growing much. I think  they need more sun.

DSC_0522-smallBut we have enough rhubarb to make the rhubarb syrup I like to have in the summer.  For mixing with lemonade, and in margaritas.

DSC_0525-smallWe are drying some herbs.  Siena reminds me to do it.

DSC_0527-smallHave been making my new frozen drink of the week: blueberry-rhubarb slushy.  So good for hot days.  It has just that.  Frozen blueberries with rhubarb syrup and ice.

DSC_0534-smallI didn’t like the blueberries in the margarita so much.  I think I’ll stick with just the rhubarb syrup while I have it!

DSC_0529-smallThe sun has been perfect.  Happy spring to you.



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