The dunes : Oregon





I’ve never been in the dunes here in Oregon.  In the US.



And I don’t actually remember if I’ve ever been in the dunes.  But I feel like I have, in Chile somewhere, with my parents, growing up. (I’ll have to check with them.)


DSC_0358-smallWe went to Florence, south of Yachats, after seeing the Lighthouse, and the wildlife, and the whales… it’s right there.  Behind the store. (Really!)  This store, actually had a little fence (6-8 feet tall), between the dunes and their parking lot.  Are they thinking the fence will actually stop the sand from eventually taking over their store?  How much work will they have to do to keep it from taking over? I didn’t quite understand.

DSC_0356-smallBut we took advantage of the proximity, and went to play.

DSC_0360-small DSC_0361-small DSC_0364-small DSC_0365-small



DSC_0377-small DSC_0386-small

We ran and jumped and ran and sang and yelled and laughed and climbed and rolled down and walked and sat and touched and listened and talked and stood and took deep breathes.

DSC_0393-small DSC_0395-small DSC_0396-small DSC_0424-small DSC_0427-small

Made memories.


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