A very big pool


Last weekend we went to Siena’s second meet, and her first meet in an Olympic-size swimming pool.


It was at Mt. Hood Community College, and as we pass the indoor (normal size) pool and then we walked outside to the pool she was racing, I realized how small the “normal 25-meter-length” pool seemed.


We first saw this sign.  Experienced Lap Swimmers Only. Yup! That’s how it felt just by looking at it.

DSC_0544-small DSC_0545-smallAnd these kids knew what they were doing.  I’d call them Experienced Lap Swimmers for sure!

And Siena was one of these big kids, Experienced Swimmers. 

DSC_0553-small DSC_0560-small DSC_0566-small DSC_0568-smallAnd we watched her swim two races.  Her first one of the evening was 50m breaststroke.  Not her favorite, but she wanted to get an official time on it.

DSC_0576-small DSC_0596-small DSC_0599-smallAnd we watched from the side the whole time.


DSC_0607-smallAnd we were there for her, as the evening was getting darker, and the sun was going down.  Her last race, 50-m backstroke.  And by no means the last race of the evening for other kids.


As I watch her here, this moment, I am so proud.  As she holds on to this bar, in an Olympic-size pool, with the sun setting behind her, and seeing she hasn’t been faced by any of it in the evening, I am amazed, surprised and so very proud of her, once again.


She’s having so much fun out there.  She loves all of it.   The races, swimming, being in the water as much as she does, her team mates she’s getting to know, the conversations coming from watching the older kids race and dive, even the smell of chlorine, she loves.  So much, that sometimes she skips showering after practice so she can have that chlorine smell just a little longer.

Right now, she’s in the place she wants to be.  And we are there and here with her, and we love all of it too.


One thought on “A very big pool

  1. Monica June 14, 2013 / 9:01 am

    ¡¡ Bravo Siena !! y Lucas ya vendrá más adelante en sus competencias …..

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