On Mother’s Day


I know… it’s way passed Mother’s Day (OK, it’s almost Father’s Day!), but we’ve been busy.



DSC_0517-small DSC_0518-small DSC_0525-small

The house where we stayed is right on the beach.  So after a delicious and a special breakfast, where I didn’t have to do anything, and was brought tea in bed, we got outside.


DSC_0556-small DSC_0548-small


We looked for treasures.  You know, this kind.

DSC_0568-smallAnd these (agates.)

DSC_0541-small DSC_0544-smallWe went for a walk.

DSC_0560-small DSC_0563-smallGot (our feet) wet (it as cold!)

DSC_0553-small DSC_0547-smallLooked and looked, and watched the ocean.

DSC_0550-small DSC_0555-smallTook everything in.

DSC_0581-small DSC_0573 - smallTook deep breathes and filled our bodies with that air.

DSC_0585-small DSC_0583-small DSC_0584-smallWe painted.  We were in good company and inspired.



Made silly faces. (We do that.)

DSC_0594-small DSC_0608-small

We played.

DSC_0615-smallIt is thanks to these crazy kids we have, that we celebrated this Mother’s Day together.  Thanks!  I love you so much.


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