Looking for agates

We showed our friends how to look for agates.

DSC_0182-small DSC_0190-small DSC_0200-small DSC_0201-small DSC_0206-small DSC_0213-small DSC_0217-small DSC_0220-small DSC_0222-small DSC_0224-small

It’s nothing very exciting.  Sitting down and looking for as long as you can.

DSC_0225-small DSC_0226-small DSC_0227-small DSC_0230-small DSC_0239-small DSC_0240-small DSC_0243-small DSC_0258-small

It is a lot of fun.  You should try it!


One thought on “Looking for agates

  1. seeker May 30, 2013 / 6:22 pm

    That is fun. Looking at pebbles and rocks and sand with family is a great way to spend time.

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