More swimming in our days


At the beginning of this spring, Lucas decided he wanted to be in a swim team too.  The  team that Siena was part of last year and that she left last March, deciding to go to the competitive team instead.


DSC_0733-small DSC_0739-small

It’s a homeschool swim team, part of the non-competitive swimming in Portland and the same coach that Siena had.  He is so good with the kids, knows a lot, always keeps us (parents) up to date on what he’s teaching them and what he’s planning to do next class.  He’s so good.  And we are lucky that Lucas has him as a coach now too, and that Siena continues to have him in her new team as well.  We like him.

DSCN5270-small DSCN5273-small DSCN5290-small

And Lucas loves going to his practices.  He’s learned to swim so quickly, we are all very impressed.

DSC_0744-small DSC_0746-small DSC_0747-small

He knew how to swim last summer, just a few feet at a time, but loved the water.  Then in the fall, he started with classes and went up after each session, learning so quickly.  In about 6 months time, he was able to swim not only in the deep end, but across the length of pool!

DSC_0760-small DSC_0754-small DSC_0749-small

And not even a year later, he’s now swimming about 30 times the length of pool in each practice.


And diving off the board!  Ok, I know I’m his mom here talking so proud of my little guy, but really, he’s done so good! It’s fun to write about it (and share with the grandparents far away.)


So now, it’s Siena’s turn to sit by my side when Lucas is practicing his swimming.


But she can’t really stand being at the side of the pool and not get in.  So now, we are able to swim laps together, while Lucas is practicing with his team.  We all like the water.


And Lucas is very excited he has his first (non-competitive) swim meet coming up.  And we are so very proud of him for being able and wanting to participate.  I’m just thinking what he was doing just 9 short months ago and how far he’s come.  We are going to be there to cheer for him.  Exciting, I know.

DSC_0780-smallAnd just like Siena.  He’s always smiling while he’s in the water.


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