Today …

… I am re-reading this post by Rachel, from Hands Free Mama.  I love it.  For so many reasons, it keeps me grounded. It keeps me thinking.  It keeps me wishing and happy. It is just a beautiful reminder. Go check it out if you have few minutes.  It will make your heart happy.

… I am happy the basement hasn’t leaked.

… I am reminded of how much my kids pay attention, in many small ways.

… I am enjoying my new present.


… I am enjoying Siena wanting to do more studying on Egypt, even though I thought we were done.

… I am thankful we have a home and blankets, and food and clothes to keep us warm.  I feel lucky.

… We are all counting the days until summer break and enjoying this long weekend.

… We are having fun.  Playing, watching, taking pictures, watching videos of plays, dreaming, learning.


… I am enjoying all the photos I am going through.  From our visit with our friends who have just left home, and those photos from India I am still working on making our photo albums… an adventure that keeps on giving even after almost two years ago.

… I am happy for my parents that they’ll be able to celebrate, very soon, their oldest grandson’t wedding.  Oh… it’s really a beautiful news for all of us.

… I am wondering if we’ve gone back in time and it’s not really summer coming in a short month, we are actually in the middle of the winter!

… I am in love.



Have a good Friday!


2 thoughts on “Today …

  1. Laurie geren May 26, 2013 / 6:54 am

    Asking permission to print off pictures that is if I can figure it out ‘ sooooo beautiful pictures laurie

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