:: right now ::

I am…

… feeling thankful for our friends who shared three weeks with us.  From stories to meals.  From their help around the house to painting together by the ocean.  From folding clothes to being on the side lines in baseball games cheering for Lucas.  From sitting in a very hot swimming pool amazed at Siena’s swimming to planting seeds and helping in the garden.  Two beautiful and amazing friends.  Thank you so much for coming to see us from all across the Atlantic.  We can’t wait to spend more time together.  Thank you for everything.


… enjoying their beautiful present and remembering our days together here, as I sip my tea.


… overwhelmed in the most beautiful way by their friendship.  Thank you our dear friends.  We already miss you.

… feeling the house a little empty.

… very sad to hear the news of a woman in the crafting world that did so much and her life was ended too short. Kathreen Ricketson and her husband Rob died tragically last week while on an adventure of their life, together with their two young children.  She created the Whip Up website, and wrote few books, and the Action Pack magazine.  I feel very sad for the tragedy and wishing much strength to their families and mostly to their two children.

… feeling loved and lucky.

… gathering again  our Ancient Egypt books and supplies to finish our unit.

… thankful to our friend Ros for helping Lucas get started in his reading.  He was having trouble but now, he’s so proud of what he did the past three weeks. We all are.


… counting the days for Mark get out of school.

… enjoying watching this video.

… enjoying the rain these days have brought with them.  They make it OK to hang out and have a slower day with a cup of tea.  I love it.

… taking deep breathes and catching up with things and projects I’ve put aside for many weeks.

… happy to see Lucas excited about his very own first (non-competitive) swim meet in few weeks.

… thankful for Mac helping me re-finish this nice (new to us) island for the kitchen.  Actually, he did most of the work.  Thank you Mac!  It looks so nice in our kitchen and I love all that extra space.

DSC_0015-small DSC_0012-small

… seeing my beautiful blooming poppies getting sqooshed by the rain.

… amazed at all the work Mac did in our garden to get it started, while we were busy doing many other things, and some times even just sitting down for a moment.



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