Making + tutorial : Baseball t-shirts

Like last year, I’m making our baseball fan’s t-shirts.  Lucas’s team is called The Red Whipper Dogs.  After some talking with the team members, and asking them how they came up with the name, I did some research online.

As you can imagine nothing came up under Whipper Dog.  I guess I knew that, but you never know what you can find online. Right?  Like now.  Maybe you do search now Whipper Dog my post could come up.  Kinda’ fun I guess.

Anyways.  I did some research online and I found a few designs and clip arts for Whipper-Dog-could-look-like.  Lucas decided on the perfect one.

And then I set myself to make our freezer paper t-shirts.



I made the drawing on the freezer paper.  I cut it out with an X-Acto knife carefully, to make a stencil.


I stick it to the t-shirt with a hot iron, and then I paint what was cut out.

First I tried it as a whole piece cut out, making the Whipper Dog white on the red t-shirt. Which then made me think, that I was actually making a white’ Whipper Dog, which is not the case.

So then after Mark asked me to make a border, just like last year’s, I gave it a try.  I wasn’t sure about it.  It didn’t look right when I set it on the shirt.  But did it anyways.  And you know what?  It looks really good!


Don’t you think?

DSC_0131-small DSC_0132-small

So on Lucas’s first game we all wore it.

DSC_0217-smallIt was so cute and Lucas (and everyone in his team) loved it.

So now, I have a few more to make as the other Whipper Parents want to have one too. I love it! I’ll take a picture later in the season with everyone wearing it! And now, let me know if you ever see a real Red Whipper Dog.  I would love a photo of it!