:: right now ::

It’s mid May already.  Right now I am:

:: feeling the warmth and those days last week that seemed summer around these parts.  So nice.


:: holding on to those meals outside and spending more time out of doors than indoors during our days.  But the rain and cooler air seemed to have arrived again this week.  I know it’s OK.  It’s still spring.

:: noticing how big Siena seems.


:: and loving how much Siena loves this little furry friend.

DSC_0550-smallWe all do, really!

:: having so much fun showing Portland and the areas around to our friends.  I really do love where we live.

:: enjoying spring and the colors it brings.

DSC_0434-small DSC_0530-small DSC_0546-small DSC_0547-small

DSC_0438-small DSC_0435-small

:: in love with my two boys.

DSC_0190-small DSC_0202-small DSC_0208-small

:: taking it all in, in the senses I can enjoy, this clematis.  My Mother’s Day Clematis…actually is two plants… clemataii?

DSC_0437-small DSC_0439-small DSC_0440-small


:: filled with memories (and sand) from our weekend at the beach with our friends.  Oh, what a great few days we had.

:: hanging on to every minute we have with our friends until they have to go back.  It’s been so much fun to see them again.

:: enjoying Lucas’s baseball games so much.   They’ve learned and grown a lot since last year.  It’s great!



:: so proud of this little guy of mine.  As I learned after the game, my son made an amazing play.  I think it’s called ‘a triple play’.  It was exciting at the moment, because everyone is cheering, the coach is happy, the dads sitting next to use are yelling at Lucas how great it was, awesome play… I thought then he must have done something great!  He was on third base.  Caught the ball in the air, touched the boy who was going to home base, and the kid coming to third (I think I got it right.) It looked so pretty and amazing what he did, but it was even more amazing once I was explained by him and Mark what he had really done.  We looked online, and the one play like that was so good I guess that was even shown on ESPN. We are all so proud of him.

DSC_0184-small DSC_0191-small

(I don’t know if I should even clarify that I didn’t grow up with baseball and I’m learning a bit every game, and every day, when Lucas comes to me and explains to me one more play, or position or baseball word… I’m learning.)

:: never wanting to forget how special this day was for Lucas.  The day after the game, I’m walking with him back from swimming, and he says “Mamá, I’m so proud of myself for that triple play I did yesterday…” You should, my little guy, you should be overly proud.  My heart melted.

DSC_0215-small DSC_0214-small

:: having so much fun making our baseball t-shirts for this year’s team (more on that to come.)

:: overwhelmed of pride by my kids and their recent accomplishments.  Siena also received three prizes after her first formal swim meet we went a couple of weeks ago, down at the coast in Lincoln City (pictures are coming soon, I know I’m way behind in our days here…. we’ve been having too much fun!) She did an amazing first (ever) race, and even with no formal recorded times (which means, never raced before), she received three ribbons for being in the top 9 places in three races.  She’s amazing!  So strong, giving everything she has.  I am so proud of my little (OK, big) girl.

DSC_0432-small DSC_0442-small

DSC_0428-small(We are missing one more ribbon in the picture she was given few days after we celebrated this day.)

:: counting the days until Mark gets out of school…