We’ve been playing + visiting


We’ve had our friends from overseas for just over a week, and we’ve had many late nights, many stories remembered, new stories as well and lots of laughter.  We’ve had many meals, beers, wine, tea and coffee.  We’ve gone for bike rides, walks, hikes, runs, car drives, bus and light rail rides. We’ve had breakfast, lunch and dinners together.  We’ve played inside, watched shows, and played out of doors more than anything.  We’ve seen bald eagles, ospreys, blue herons and raccoons.  We’ve had fires and sat in the shade to stay cool.  Some of us have gone swimming in the swimming pool and some of us (Ros) has gone swimming in an almost freezing creek.  We’ve taken pictures and videos and done paintings and written in the blog.

There’s just so much to be remembered from now and from our time together in India, and so much to enjoy and celebrate now that we see each other once again.  This time, in the comfort of our home.

DSC_0356-smallLike this airplane competition.

DSC_0359-small DSC_0362-small DSC_0363-small DSC_0365-small DSC_0366-small DSC_0367-small DSC_0374-smallAnd games inside.

DSC_0375-small DSC_0384-smallLearning together.

DSC_0427-smallOh yes.. the sunshine has been present every day since they’ve arrived, with days so warm that seems that summer has arrived.  A special treat in May.

DSC_0542-smallAnd of course, tetherball games.  Many of them.

The other day we also went downtown in the bus.

DSC_0412-small DSC_0414-small DSC_0418-small DSC_0419-small DSC_0421-smallWalked to the Central Library.

DSC_0422-smallIt is such a beautiful building.

DSC_0423-small DSC_0424-small DSC_0425-small DSC_0426-small


We’ve been showing them Portland and the areas close by, because really, Portland is such a beautiful city, and Oregon has so much beauty everywhere you look.  In my opinion.

DSC_0119-small DSC_0121-small



Here we are at Council Crest Park in SW Portland, with what I think is the best view of Portland and it’s surroundings.  You can see in the background Mt. St. Helens and in the back (can’t really see in the photo) we saw Mt Reinier, and then on the right of the photo, you can see Mt. Adams.   Further to the right, we were able to see Mt. Hood too and because the trees are big, we didn’t see the other mountains that I’m sure we could have seen further to the south.


DSC_0357-small DSC_0372-small

It’s funny to think, that the last time we took a similar picture like this one, we were all in India, more than a year ago.  Now… we are making new memories in a new place.  Fun to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “We’ve been playing + visiting

  1. Glendie May 10, 2013 / 4:27 am

    Thank you for sharing your activities, fun and memories! Enjoy the visit, and HI from Idaho!

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