Making : Floor rags


We have some friends visiting from out of town (overseas actually) so we cleaned up our art studio and made it into a guest space.


With the bathroom all filled with wool, and other craft supplies, we moved things around and opened the bathroom to be used as such, instead of (ahem) storage space.

DSC_0105-small DSC_0106-small

A new bathroom rag was made with all recycled fabrics and an old towel I had in my stash.

And when Glendie was here last month we went to Fabric Depot here in Portland and Siena found some cute fabrics she wanted me to make her another foot or floor rag for her to use when she’s getting dress after swimming (and you know, the floor is all wet and doesn’t look very clean…)


Cute combination I thought.


DSC_0109-small DSC_0110-small


I love making these.  They are so easy, fast and I love making these little mixes of fabric.  Siena is also trying to convince Lucas that he needs to start using them.  He’s not sure he needs one.  He doesn’t care much about the floor being wet when he’s getting dress. Which is fine too, I guess.


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