Wheelie lesson #1

OK, I must confess I thought it was “willie”, because probably a “little William” was the first kid who did this trick… When I did the search online for spelling it correctly, I realized I had it wrong… funny I guess, and now it makes more sense.



Our friend Butch, came to teach Lucas his first wheelie lesson (since it’s not a proper noun now should I capitalize Wheelie?)

DSC_0519-smallWe see Butch sometimes going on one wheel the whole block to the corner… Lucas (and I must say, all of us) watch him in amazement and excited to see such a cool trick.


So Lucas is excited to learn.


His bike got set properly and his first lesson was on its way.


And I know there’s lots of practice to come.


We are all watching and learning excited.  Some of us are practicing more than others, but we are all outside watching.  Thanks Butch!