At home

We’ve been busy lately.  With sports, play dates, practices, learning and spring… you know how spring some times makes you feel that your days are full.  At least it does to me.  Full of fun and many things.


Glendie found more of this panda fabric (that I found few months ago to make Siena some pj’s) and now she has a comforter cover. She loves it!

DSC_0002-smallHave little reminders here and there of our days in India.


I made this little bag from the Boppy cover I used to nurse Siena and Lucas.  A little faded, but mostly special, I cut a corner and made a curved-shaped bag for those little curved-things I might come up.  Just a little special little bag to have and carry around.


A while back, I made this yarn from old t-shirts I had.  I knitted it into a rag, I wanted for the kitchen, but it didn’t turn out.  The t-shirts were of different thickness, so the yarn turned out to be of different thickness too.  And because I was traveling (when we went to Vancouver, BC) I couldn’t make more yarn of the same weight.  So I went with it and knitted it anyways.


It started to curled as I was knitting.  It wasn’t even.  So I crocheted a band around it, but I had to change yarn again too.  It just didn’t work out.  I liked it better when they were wound as a ball.  But I think I’ll try it again paying attention of the weight of the fabric in the t-shirts.  It might be a fun thing to knit for the summer evenings.


All the playing.

DSC_0523-small DSC_0525-small DSC_0527-small DSC_0529-small

The days are full and beautiful. Spring is here! At least today.