I will be Meat for my Salish People

While studying The Plains Tribes, we read the book Buffalo Song by Joseph Bruchac.  I really liked the book. We’ve read many other native american stories, and I try my hardest to remember them, but it is Siena and Lucas who do the best job at this.

It has been so much fun to read all those stories about Coyote, and different stories from the different tribes on how the World was created.  And all those about Raven, and Buffaloes, Crow and Salmon… so many beautiful stories we really enjoyed.

Here’s the traditional Salish story about the Buffaloes, very similar to the one told on the Joseph Bruchac book.

“Sun Buffalo Cow ran very fast along the other trail to the top of the cliff. She said, “I go into [change to] the form of earth buffalo. I will be meat for my Salish.” She jumped headlong from the high rock to the foot of the cliff.

The people came and saw the dead buffalo. They said: “Our Mother spoke true words. Here is herd buffalo fallen from the rock. It is warm meat. It is good.”

From “Sun Buffalo Cow Sacrificed Her Life” Told by Lassaw Redhorn, Francois Skyenna and Dominic Michell.  I think we’ll have to search for a copy of the book I will be Meat for my Salish to read. Sounds


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