Making : Leather moccasins

While studying The Plains Indians, we decided to make leather moccasins.  I’ve never worked with leather before, so I was a little worried on how we were going to do this, and what would be the easiest pattern and design for us to do.


I checked out many books form the library.  Here are some:

But at the end Lucas and Siena decided in a model they liked online.  It’s a Woodland Indian Center Seam Moccasin.  I found it online here.

DSC_0016-small DSC_0017-small DSC_0019-small  

It took me a while to figure out all the measurement and dots and cuts, but at the end it all made sense.


After cutting the pattern on paper, we made a sample on felt (an old, felted, recycled sweater and coat) to try first.

DSC_0022-small DSC_0023-smallSiena and Lucas each made their own sample.

DSC_0024-small DSC_0027-smallSiena has sewn before and she likes it.  But it was Lucas’s second big project he’s done lately.

DSC_0029-small DSC_0025-smallIt was a little more difficult for him, but he liked it, and especially to see the end result.


After we made sure the sample fit them, we made changes and went to work with leather then.

DSC_0064-smallWe copied the pattern on the wrong side of the leather, what was going inside.

DSC_0065-smallThen we cut it with regular scissors.

DSC_0074-smallHad artificial sinew on hand and leather needles to work with.


We measured about half an inch to make the holes to sew around the front and the back of the moccasin.

DSC_0069-small DSC_0071-smallWe punched the holes on the paper pattern first, and then we copied the dots on the leather piece.

DSC_0070-smallThen, we punched holes on the leather so it was easier to sew.

DSC_0066-smallSiena had a thiner leather I found online, and Lucas had a thicker one we had around. Luckily we had enough of each for a pair of moccasins.

DSC_0075-small DSC_0076-small

If we make another pair of moccasins again, I’d like to find more of the thicker leather we had for Lucas’s shoes.  It feels sturdier and that they could last a little longer.

DSC_0082-small DSC_0090-smallNevertheless, Siena’s moccasins turn out cute and she likes them. Almost like ballet shoes.  DSC_0092-smallAnd I like the pattern she made in the heel tab.