The bees’s remodel : Part 2 or is it Portlandia?

So the next day, after Mark had added the two new boxes to our Warre hive, while we were gone, the bees swarmed.

DSC_0208-small DSC_0210-smallAnd with the beautiful, blooming doogwood right there, I would not have gone far either.

DSC_0214-small DSC_0215-small DSC_0216-smallI just love the contrast, the colors, the warmth, the life-ness of it all, right there.


We were getting ready to leave for dinner at some friends’ house, but we had to deal with this bee emergency. Well, it became an emergency when we thought maybe the bees had left their new remodeled, larger home.  And we didn’t want them going too far.  So Mark called our bee friend from Bee Thinking for some information and what he suggested doing.

DSC_0212-small DSC_0213-small

He took a closer look at the hive and too how many bees were left.  Were they all gone and moved out of their bigger, remodeled hive? Or was it just a swarm, they had planned way before “we” (Mark) added the two boxes the day before?

DSC_0219-small DSC_0220-small

Mark was uncertain.  To our new-to-beekeeping knowledge, we couldn’t tell for certain.  So Matt, came to check, and hopefully give us the good news, that it was just a swarm, and that we still, indeed, had a healthy hive.


And yes.  He came later that evening.


Lucas and I went to our planned dinner with friends, while Siena stayed behind with Mark, doing the right thing for our bees, and the  swarm on our roof.  Actually by this point we had learned there was another swarm in our neighbors backyard.  We don’t know where that one came from, but maybe was from our hive in the backyard.  We don’t know.  But at least, if Matt told us we had a good hive, he could go home with two swarms to give to the many people in his wait list, here in Portland.

DSC_0222-smallAnd do you see my daughter here?  She’s wearing the other bee net we have, and decided to stay with the bees (and Mark and two other bee excited people) instead of going to play with a friend.

Because we were gone, nobody took pictures.  I wish I could have.  Mark says it was funny. Having three adult people wearing that bee, white suit, working in the front yard, with a shorter one on rain coat and books and a net hat.

DSC_0217-smallNot only did they work on our front yard, getting a box for the hive up in our roof (that ended up staying there for 2 days, because the bees would’t move in as easy as they thought they would.)  They also waked around the block, to get to our neighbor’s backyard, by this time, each with a flashlight.

I can only imagine what they looked like.  The first thing that comes to mind as Mark is describing me their evening, is the show Portlandia.  I’ve only seen a few pieces of episodes, but I can see this sight fitting perfectly fine… don’t you?

Ah! And yes, the two swarms have been delivered to better homes and our hive, is doing well and doing all the healthy things they are suppose to be doing at this time of the year.


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