A Chilean bakery : A special bakery

DSC_0146-small After spending sometime playing in the ocean beach, Jericho Beach, my friend took us to a special bakery in Vancouver.  It’s a Latin Bakery.  But not only was it a Latin bakery, it was actually a Chilean Bakery! DSC_0148-small This is so exciting in so many levels.  First, as you know, I’m from Chile.  There is no Chilean bakeries in Portland, so having this bread, ayuyas, “just like that” here in North America, so far away where they are native from…. oh… you should have seen my face! DSC_0150-small OK. So it wasn’t just me.  Mark also was drooling…. I know! DSC_0149-smallTorta de Milhojas.  Mmm… I used to have this for my birthday every year… oh I should have tried it. DSC_0151-smallAlfajores. DSC_0152-smallBerlines. DSC_0153-smallChilenitos.  I should have tried them all…. I know! DSC_0154-small DSC_0155-small Yes, we did try a couple of these pasties, and they were delicious!  Just as I remember them from Chile.  We could have been in Chile as a matter of fact. DSC_0156-smallThe TV was on, in Spanish with news of Chile. DSC_0157-smallAnd I had the best sandwich in a very long time… Churrasco Palta.  Warm, with home made bread, avocado as it is made in Chile… yup it took us all back to Chile.  Many, many, many thousands of miles south from where we were sitting. Oh, how crazy is that! DSC_0158-small Mark and I were going crazy about commenting every bite, and enjoying every single piece, and wishing secretly that Siena and Lucas wouldn’t finish their sandwich.  And even though they did, their comment the next day was more about us being crazy about thinking it was that good. My friend had told me about this bakery, and I told them about it and that we had to go and probably one of the first days.  They didn’t understand why Mark and I were so excited. That’s OK.  But good for them they waited a day, after Mark and I got over with all of our uuuhs and aaaahhs and all the yummyness thoughts of our meal. Because it was that good! DSC_0588 2-small DSC_0589 2-smallSo good, that we went back to buy a couple of pastries to bring back and eat here at home in Portland.  It tasted as good! Oh my… have you seen my pictures in my post of the food when we were in Chile two years ago?  This little space, took me back there. If you ever go to Vancouver, British Columbia, you must go to this place.  Try their warm avocado and beef sandwich (if you like meat) and try any of those pastries… oh… worth the drive even! Oh yes… totally!

Panadería Latina Bakery,

Vancouver, BC. 604.439.1414.

4906 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4G6, Canada

I wonder if they deliver… international it would have to be.  Mmmm… or if any of you go to Vancouver and you bring us some of these pastries, or a warm sandwich, I’ll pay for some of your gas!


4 thoughts on “A Chilean bakery : A special bakery

  1. Monica April 18, 2013 / 7:48 am

    Mhhhh!! que rico y emocionante para ti encontrar algun pedacito de chilean food tan , tan relejos . Increible que tengan chilenitos , besitos con manjar , alfajores y churrasco palta mayo … ¡¡ Me imagino el salto de emocion que diste !! Ahora lo puedes hacer en Portland el churrasco palta mayo y los completos con chucrut. ¡ Es buena idea !

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela April 18, 2013 / 4:00 pm

      Super rico todo… aunque probamos algunas cositas no mas, pero para el proximo viaje sera. El churrasco palta, SUPER EXQUISITO!!!! Fue chori, y me alegro que Lucia nos ofrecio llevarnos. Super buena idea.

  2. Monica April 18, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    Se me olvidaba , que en la TV de ¿ Por qué tanto de Xhile la foto , sale el que lee el tiempo … ¡¡ que divertido ! ¿Por qué tanto de Chile y tan lejos ? es chileno el dueño ?????

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela April 18, 2013 / 3:58 pm

      Si, los duenos, una familia de Chile, que vive en Vancouver ya por harto tiempo. Son ellos mismos los que cocinan y sirven y estan en la caja, asi que los conocimos. Super chori.

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