Our science experiments

We had our 4th Annual Homeschool Science Fair, this week.


Siena did her experiment on apples.

DSC_0014-small DSC_0015-smallShe cut two different widths and dipped them in different things to see how they would do after cutting them.


You see, apples are a big staple in our family.  Everyone loves apples.  So talking one day on how to send apples for a snack and stay the least brown on their day with Tackers Earth, Siena thought she should try few things.

DSC_0119-smallShe dipped the apples in vinegar.  And this is how they looked after 24 hours.

DSC_0117-smallApples with oranges at 24 hours.

DSC_0025-small   Apples with sugar at24 hours.  They looked not too brown but they were slimy.

The best were the apples with citric acid, but we put too much I think, so they were very, very sour.  We wouldn’t eat them. We should try it with less I think. Also, the plain ones didn’t look so bad (too brown) after just 4-6 hours, which is usually what they would have them for before eating them.   A fun experiment, for sure.


Lucas also had a fun experiment.  He tried different boat designs and saw how many gold balls it would hold before sinking.

DSC_0224-small DSC_0229-small DSC_0231-small

We all made a boat.


DSC_0241-smallAnd Lucas tested them in that big container.

DSC_0245-smallThis was his hypothesis. I know… mine didn’t look like it would hold a lot, so he put it on 5th place…

DSC_0249-smallexactly where it ended up after testing.

DSC_0254-small DSC_0261-smallMost of the other boats held way more…


DSC_0004-smallThen ready to make a poster for the Science Fair, and we were ready to go.  (Those photos are in another post here later.)