Making : Placemats for my dad


My dad had his birthday last month, and living in Chile and all, it seems that I’m always late sending him our present. But I believe, that this way, we spread out his celebration, right?

DSC_0013-smallI had that bird fabric (top picture) from a couple of years ago, from a project I did for Mark.  I thought it was so pretty and have been waiting for another special project.  So this was perfect.

DSC_0014-small DSC_0016-small DSC_0022-small DSC_0024-small

I love the earth tones.  It is a mix of things.  In Chile is autumn now, so I thought it would give them a little bit of fall colors for their days indoors.  I was inspired to use the birds because spring was (is) coming, and I really like this fabric. Something from the US to be sent to Chile, in something made specially for my dad, something they could use every day.

DSC_0018-small DSC_0025-small DSC_0026-small

I made the center piece by adding strips of fabric in colors I liked together.  I cut the strips the same length (5 inches), but varying widths. Then I added the strips of light blue both on top and bottom.  I put another blue fabric in the back and the cotton batting in the middle.


Quilted it on the edge of both blue strips so it wouldn’t shift too much with the washing.


And finally added the binding and finished it by hand.  My dad likes blue, so I used mostly blues all around.  And my mom likes yellow, so I used that for the binding.  My dad said he liked them, and hopefully they can use them often, and think of us.  We mailed it with enough time, we thought, but as things go with the mail, it arrived in Chile, way passed his birthday.  But in a way to extend his celebration, I think it’s all good.


I liked making them so much, that I used the rest of the fabric to make some for us too.

DSC_0050-small  A little different, but mostly the same idea.


And I made a table runner with all the pieces that didn’t quite match the placemats.  But I was thinking of using it in the middle of the table, when we have the placemats, to have the food in the middle and such.  But I made it too long.  I think I should have measured the table before making it… oh well, live and learn!

We use it mostly by itself and I really like it.  But now I still need to make a shorter one to use with the placemats to put the food on.  So I might need to go to the fabric store and see if they still have the fabric and buy some more, in case they stop making it.  Right?  And maybe I should get even a bit more to make a couple more placemats for when we have guests, right? mmm… I don’t see this ending any time soon!


Beautiful words today by Amanda, about this horrible tragedy. Wishing peace for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Making : Placemats for my dad

  1. Monica April 16, 2013 / 7:44 am

    Justo hoy , te envié una foto con los individuales … muy hermosos !! y si el table runner te quedó muy grande , tú sabes la solución , jejeje…. y lo del otoño en este hemisferio , también te enviaré algunas fotos …. Gracias nuevamente y una vez más …. ¡¡ Que cabecita para idear cosas !!

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