Working bees

The weather tells me that is spring.  Sunny one minute, rainy the next, pouring an hour later, almost freezing at night, hot enough (for Portland standards) to wear shorts and t-shirt the next day.

I think the bees are excited the weather is better, and they are doing their job.   Mark checked the hive in the backyard, our first one, to give them more space and make sure they are doing well.  I think they are.  But we are learning as we go and spend more time with them.

DSC_0001-small DSC_0002-small DSC_0003-small DSC_0004-small

We had a swarm last week, from our other hive.


They were flying like crazy, so many out of the hive, the sound amazing.  I find it so incredible how they work and live together, a society I don’t even begin to understand, but I’m always amazed at everything I learn about them.

They went right next to them, to our very old dogwood.  They looked amazing, up there.  I wonder how much weight that is for the branch.  Look at them!


After watching them for a while, and seeing them move from one branch to another and all of them gather in this spot after about 20 minutes, I went to get the zoom for my camera, to get a closer look. By the time I came back, they had moved to our neighbor’s tree, way up higher, and more covered.  We wondered if it was too hot for them here.  Don’t know.


I love that my kids are so familiar with the bees that they know which ones to pick up.  The drones don’t sting, and they like to show them to everyone passing by.  But not everybody gets the same excitement than they do when they offer with a smile “would you like to hold this bee?” But it is perfect for my picture too!

Oh… do you remember the spring last year and our bee adventures? I hope these ladies are happy right in these homes of theirs.  We like watching them and hopefully we’ll get to try some of their hard work, that delicious honey.  Oh, I hope so!


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