:: right now ::

April is here. Sunny days are more common and I want to remember what’s happening at the moment. Right now I am:

:: feeling the warmer days in my skin, though rain is not far away yet.  it is spring in Portland, after all.  And I do love it.


:: seeing more colors around.

DSC_0632-small DSC_0633-small

:: seeing seeds packets are on our tables and newspaper pots are being made.

:: love this handmade paper made by Siena and her friends.


:: glad to see the thank you cards finally being sent.


:: so very excited to hear that some great friends are coming to see us from overseas very soon.  We can’t wait!

:: always amazed at this beauty.  Fiddleheads. They are so delicate, so fresh, so new, full of life.  I love looking at them each spring.DSC_0625-small

:: happy about all the gardening and planting talk we’ve done lately.

:: excited to see the bees being so active.


:: not sure what this spring and summer will bring in our two hives.  We had one swarm this past weekend. It amazes me to see the incredible work done by these bees and what it means to move from one place to another, just like that.  What a society they are.

:: wondering what our apple trees will look like this year, now that they are starting to show their new, green tips.


:: saving the memories from this year’s Easter.



:: missing our kitty very much.  I am sad and my heart hurts even more to see my little people’s heart so sad too.  It’s a hard time, but we know it will get easier with time.

:: playing cards, as everyone else in our family, whenever we have few minutes.  Lucas loves card games.  Gin and Hearts his latest favorites.


:: loving seeing this new deck of cards Lucas bought as a souvenir from our recent trip to Vancouver. DSC_0006-small

:: trying to finish up some of my knitting projects, so we can use them and see them finished, instead of putting them away for many more months.

:: thinking this was just a teaser.

DSC_0613-small DSC_0619-small

:: aware that it’s only April and we have many more weeks before the calendar says it’s summer.  But it’s always fun to see what the kids feel like doing when the sun shines just a little warmer, these days.