Making : An apron for me

Many, many years ago, maybe around 15 or so, I made myself a summer dress.  It was a bell shaped dress that I copied from a bought dress that I wore a lot. It wasn’t fancy at all, just simple, no pockets or sleeves.  I just wanted it to hang out in the backyard while gardening or cooking.  I made it and it was OK, never wore it in front of people or to go anywhere, it didn’t quite hold right.


In time I’ve made tablecloths, placemats, curtains, pillows, napkins (recently), and I started quilting a couple of years ago.  I’ve sewn lots of bags of all sizes, and lots of other items for the house and us.  Never too fancy, but straight lines I can mostly do OK.  A challenge to stay straight, but I can handle it.

I have sewn some few small pieces of clothing for Lucas and Siena.  Many aprons in the Laura Ingalls Wilder time (4 and 5 years ago), some pants that I learned long ago from Amanda Soule I think, made from t-shirts (that are really easy and she explains them in her first book, The Creative Family).  But the latest and biggest challenge was to make a pajama (top AND bottom!) for Siena, last Christmas.  They are cute, Siena loves them and fit well (after some adjustments), and they are still doing well after many washes.

So, when I thought about making an apron for me, I wasn’t sure.  I’ve been thinking about it for a long while, but I decided to give it a go.


I bought this apron in Mexico 11 years ago and I’ve always loved how it really covers me.  I always get stained when cooking, so this is perfect, because it goes all the way down to my knees almost. The only problem it has, is that it’s polyester, and I really don’t like the feel of the fabric.  I try not to touch it when I have it on… that’s not good for a piece of clothing, isn’t it?


So I went for it.  I did what I find easiest to do and works for me.  I copied the pattern onto a fabric that I had.

DSC_0042-small DSC_0040-small

It’s a pretty easy pattern, and I thought I can make it with what I had on hand, which makes me feel even better, and less worried about not really knowing what I’m doing.

DSC_0039-smallI had a nice linen, purple-ish with spring flowers (here looks a little more gray than what it is.)  But I found it in some garage sale or thrift store a while back.  Wasn’t sure how was going to drape, being much heavier than the polyester fabric, but I wanted to try it.

DSC_0045-small DSC_0046-small

Having a sample right next to me, that I can touch and look and study, helps me figure out the details and how it all goes together.  I’m a visual person and this way is perfect for me to learn and make something.

DSC_0050-smallThe old apron has details on the pockets and that ribbing on the edge (sorry but I’m not sure the correct name for it.) So I searched my piles to see what I had.

DSC_0051-small DSC_0052-smallPicked those that matched the best and then decided how much I needed.

DSC_0053-smallIn my stash I had a linen edge I was able to use.  What I had wasn’t enough to go all around the edge, but had another piece very similar in color and width.  Not bad! Two pieces of similar color, and then an edge for around the arms, and that was enough for everything.

DSC_0055-smallAnd I had forgotten I have two small pieces of this ribbon I found thrifting years ago, that I fell in love with. I didn’t use it for the apron, but it’s still there waiting for something special.


I’ve never sewn this edge thing before, but it turned out OK, and I even had the same color thread to match!  I had one lucky day!

DSC_0058-smallAnd the lace (all cotton) feels much better in my hands too!


And now in the back, to close it, a button I had.  It looks beautiful, I love the shiny-ness of it. And do you see that little loop? I learned how to do that too!

DSC_0060-smallThe corners I’m a little weak on the skills to make it look really pretty, but hopefully I’ll get better at it as I practice.  But maybe I should read or look online how to do that, so they look nicer.  And my last test is to see how it comes out from the washer… I think it will be fine.


But all and all, I love how it turned out.

DSC_0061-small DSC_0047-smallI love it. It’s a little too big on the arms (now without a sweater and all those warm layers, but that’s another thing), but I like the colors, the drape, the heavy-ness, and I love mostly that I was able to make it all by myself!  And much more fun to wear too.


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