On our way there


Last week we headed north. We went to Vancouver, British Columbia.

DSC_0001-smallWe loaded the MP3 player with (more than enough) books for Siena and Lucas, “regular” books, my knitting, coffee and tea, our travel US sticker map (where we put the sticker of the license plates we see) and we left early one day, for our spring break.


I know, most people from up here, especially Portland and Seattle, where we get more rain and clouds than we know what to do with, tend to migrate south on breaks and holidays.  But no, not us.  Us, my family, is a little different that way.  We don’t really go to the beach and coast a lot, we go more to the rivers and mountains.  We don’t (usually) go to the heat, we usually go north (in the northern hemisphere) and don’t mind what we get.


Not that we were expecting heat or even sunny days, we just really don’t mind the rain or cooler weather.  We packed our rain coats and pants, few layers or warmth from sweaters to socks.  And we didn’t really think much when my daughter asked if she should take her rain boots or warmer boots.  Spring break or not.


We left really early on a Saturday, slept some in the car, and by the time we passed Seattle, we found almost no traffic.  We passed it pretty quickly.


Mark was driving, so even though I was prepared with 3 knitting projects in progress, and some extra yarn for another one (just in case, you know) for our 6-hour drive, the trip felt short.



Not a bad thing I guess but I thought I’d get more knitting done!

DSCN4931-smallJust north and out of Seattle and the big buildings, you get to see those huge mountains in the background.  Oh my…

DSCN4932-smallSo majestic, huge, clean, clear, a beautiful morning.



DSCN4951-smallThe day started to clear up, as we kept driving north.  The sights were more and more crisp.

DSCN4954-smallEvery so often, and more often than not, I was noticing the history.  Names and places mostly that I hadn’t payed attention before we studied our Native American blocks, these past few months.  I mean, when I read them before I knew they were native american names, or that they had something to do with something I knew, but now some names, I can remember stories or snips we’ve read. It makes more sense.






We had almost no wait in the border.









It was easy.



Still with our “old style GPS” we found our way to the city of Vancouver, just fine.  I had printed the instructions from mapquest from our house.  It read: Turn left in the corner, then right, drive a mile, then get onto I5 and drive 285 miles…. it didn’t have many more steps than that, and we made it all the way to the hotel without an extra turn.  Not bad we thought.



DSCN4988-smallBut look at this beautiful place. Organized, clean, beautiful huge mountains as backdrop, traffic manageable…

DSCN4989-smalla restaurant (or store?) called Siena? Couldn’t be a more beautiful and perfect welcome.

DSCN4993-smallReally! Look at this… DSCN4994-smallA beautiful day to arrive downtown Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.  A great start to our visit.










2 thoughts on “On our way there

  1. Monica April 3, 2013 / 2:45 pm

    ¡¡ Que bonito y ordenado se ve todo !! además con las montañas al fondo …. y Siena en el nombre de un restaurante …. ¿ no encontraron el local de Lucas ?

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela April 6, 2013 / 10:23 am

      Hola Mama.
      Si, todo super lindo, con las montanas altas con nieve y los dias preciosos… las pudimos ver todos los dias. Realmente linda la ciudad. Ya vienen mas fotos, porque saque hartas! Si pueden, tienen que ir a verla. Linda! Con aire de puerto, pero cubierto, tipo Seattle. Mas grande que Portland por supuesto, pero tienen un aire de similitud.

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