Is there such a thing as learning too quickly?


Lucas has listened to Siena’s skiing stories for a couple of years.  He didn’t want to learn to ski when Siena did a couple of years ago, he just wanted to hang out on the snow and play.  Which was just fine.


But this time, he was ready.

DSCN4725-smallOur friend Jeremy did all the teaching. He’s amazing!

Lucas picked it up so quickly, than before an hour of learning, he was getting on the little lift to go down a hill already…DSCN4670-small

Not only did Jeremy teach him great skills, he supported him and went along side with him for most of the day.  It was so much fun, Lucas was excited.


And Mark of course was there too.

DSCN4673-smallRight next to him, now, on the bigger lift to the bigger hill.

DSCN4677-small DSCN4721-small


My heart was pounding!  A mix of feelings.  Something about having Lucas on his second or third hour of having been on skis in the mountain, now on a very tall hill, and me trying to do the same, way, way behind, up in the hill, going very, very slowly.

But this littler guy of ours, not only did he follow on his sister’s amazing (skiing) steps, he’s fearless and has perseverance.

DSCN4752-small DSCN4762-small

And because I didn’t go to the really big hill, I asked Siena to pose for me… (never mind the coolers in the back)… she had a blast too.  Her first time back in skis after a couple of years break.


DSCN4771-smallAnd while most of us where tired after a fun day of skiing …

DSCN4775-smallsome of us, still had loads of energy!


Thank you our dear friends for a fun and incredible weekend.


One thought on “Is there such a thing as learning too quickly?

  1. Laurie geren March 30, 2013 / 5:27 am

    Oh my goodness Lucas and Siena great skiing!!! Love you grammie

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