The Art Museum : the masks + bags

Masks from different tribes of the Pacific NW Coast and Arctic.


This one is the one that Lucas made from the Masks book we’ve been using.  It’s a mask from the Yup’ik Tribe from 1900.  Made of wood, feathers, paint and sinew.

DSC_0101-small DSC_0109-small DSC_0110-smallMasks made out of whale bone.

DSC_0111-small DSC_0186-small


I also found these bags and boxes so beautiful.  Something I would love to have at home, wouldn’t you?

DSC_0134-small DSC_0135-small DSC_0136-smallThese are from the Lakota tribe, also all from 1900, made of leather, rawhide, paint.

Just beautiful!



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