Spring cleaning

If it’s not spring yet, does this count as spring cleaning anyways?  I guess the calendar says it is…

DSC_0218-small DSC_0219-small

Or whatever it’s called, I’m glad I gave myself that afternoon the other day and got all that fabric out and went through it.


Had a big bag to donate.  Some other piles of projects that I’m working on.  Another one of projects I should finish because it’s been over a year without touching them.  Another one of fabrics I want to use for a specific project I have in mind and want to get started soon.

DSC_0221-small DSC_0222-small DSC_0223-small

It’s nice to have a much better looking and organized shelf.   At least to me anyways!

DSC_0035-small DSC_0036-small

I can walk pass it and take a deep breathe.  Maybe it’s just the relief that I didn’t get trapped by falling piles of fabric.


2 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. Monica March 27, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    ¡¡ Guárdame uno !! antes que los dones ….. Hermosos los géneros

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