A day of skiing


After a fun day of cross country skiing we woke up to another beautiful, gorgeous winter day!


Oh the drive… isn’t this place just beautiful?

DSC_0153-small DSC_0156-smallMt Reinier in the background.


DSCN4764-smallWe arrive at White Pass, Washington, at 4,550 ft high.  Sunny, completely clear skies, perfect temperature, beautiful views, and wonderful company.



DSC_0164-small DSC_0163-small

DSCN4652-smallI put my skis on, but I’m not really sure what to do.  I think this is my 6th time in the snow, in my entire life.  Once 3 years ago.  The other 4 or 5, 25 years ago.  Not my forte, I’d say.


I still enjoy love being out there.DSCN4649-small




So after many runs on the lower, short slopes, I get on the (big) lift and enjoy the view.



DSCN4672-smallMy littlest guy is in the chair in front of me… that’s a beautiful view indeed!

DSCN4701-smallAnd my other little one has grown since the last time I saw her in skis in the mountain… and she totally remembers how to go downhill on these slippery plastic boards…


DSCN4742-smallAnd she’s so happy to be there having fun.


DSCN4699-small I take a break and enjoy the sight.


It is an amazingly beautiful day!  For me, there isn’t much to remember.  For me all is learning.  And I do (learn) every time we get up there.  I don’t really think I’m getting really good at it.  I’m mostly staying away from injuring myself!

DSCN4716-small Hah! But it is so much fun!


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