Let’s be awesome

The other day I was looking at Powell’s Books events calendar and saw one that caught my eye. How to Travel the World in $50 a day: Travel Cheaper, Longer, Smarter by Matt Kepnes. It sounds like a great book, I’m going to have to check it out.

After only a couple of months back from our trip to India last year, Siena said one day during dinner, ” We should go to Chile now or go somewhere.”  Back then, I wasn’t ready to travel just yet, and I don’t think Lucas or Mark were either, by the immediate response.  But Siena was, and I loved it.  Both Mark and I have traveled a little and we knew that one can get that ‘travel bug’, of keep wanting to go visit places. To keep traveling.

I know Chile is more known for us, and it’s an ‘easy’ travel comparatively speaking, and after our trip to India, it was a ‘safe’ continuation in Siena’s mind, probably.  But still, I wasn’t ready to go back out into the bigger world just yet.

But now, a year later, I am ready.  I could go live somewhere else again for few months. Six months, eight months.  A year still seems a little too much taking so many things into consideration, but few months I can totally do.

The idea of going somewhere new, getting to see new people, new places, new sights, new music, new cultures, new art… everything new and different fills me with happiness and excitement again.  I might need to talk to my family before I plan anything about this though!

I wonder where we should go next. Sounds like fun to even just think about it!  Not that we can afford it yet, but so much fun to think about.  Dreaming is a great thing and it’s free!

So I went to check Matt’s travel blog, after I read about him on the website with his new book.  He has lots of fun stories… But there’s one blog post that caught my eye from this week.  Why Travel Makes You Awesome.  It’s a great post! You should check it out. And it has this great video from Kid President.  Check it out.

Let’s make something awesome today! … and maybe get started on planning a trip!


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