Cross country skiing


I’ve only been cross country skiing one other time before, about 12-15 years ago.  Yeah … time goes by fast.

DSC_0024-small DSC_0025-small

I love the snow.  As much or maybe more than my kids.  In Chile, I didn’t grow up with snow.  We’d go to the volcano once in a while and play, and went skiing a handful of times.  But it was like it is now.  Go up there for a few hours when the day was nice, and leave the snow behind and come back.

I’d never driven in the snow or icy roads, and don’t really want to either.  But oh… what I would give to live in a place where it’d snow every year.  A place where I knew I’d wake up most winter mornings to a white carpet on the ground and covering the trees.  My dream, really.  OK I know I can just move back East, but that’s a big step.  Even if I move to the other Portland, still!  It’s a big move.  Not sure I’m ready for that. Maybe some day.  But for now, I’ll leave my snowy dreams just be that.


DSC_0099-small DSC_0088-small

But how beautiful it would be a place where this is what I see from the window in my house.  Every window I’d want!


As long as I didn’t have to drive anywhere, or be in a place where icy storms where a norm.  I want it to be a safe place (this is where the never have lived in a place where it snows scares me, right?)  I guess I’d just want us to be safely indoors, while the outside is just whitely beautiful.  Aaaahhhh…  for what I hear (from Mark mostly), my dream is very nice in just my dream.  Whitely beautiful is not as sweet as I always think.  But that’s what dreams are for, right?  (If I knew and took in consideration all the harsh and logistics details, I wouldn’t be dreaming it…)



So to help my little dream, we went to play in the snow with some friends.

DSC_0028-small DSC_0031-small


They know what they are doing, so they helped us get started and we tried our hardest to stay on our feet!

DSC_0034-small DSC_0035-small

Siena and Lucas did great.  They learned it quick and for being the first time on cross country skis, I’d say they were awesome  (OK, I know I’m their mom, but really! They were.)





There was so much snow!

DSC_0058-small DSC_0063-small DSC_0074-small

And it’s a beautiful, amazing place.

DSC_0032-small DSC_0037-small(He was going pretty fast… it’s not just his face.  In the picture you can’t really see the speed.)

DSC_0038-small DSC_0040-small



We all agreed that we had fun and would love to go back cross country skiing.


DSC_0098-small DSC_0100-small


I didn’t do too bad either, for being my second time.

DSC_0056-small DSC_0048-small

And it is much more fun to go with friends… for sure!DSC_0077-small DSC_0080-small


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