A year after our first swim meet and I see more coming


Remember this post I did last March? Well? It’s been a year since we first started our visits to the pool on very early mornings on a weekend.  Well, I should say, we’ve been at the pool many times, and we’ve gotten up early enough times, but it’s the watching of swimming that makes the difference.  Putting all of this together.

DSC_0012-small DSC_0018-small

A year ago, when we first came back from our trip to India, Siena decided to participate in the homeschool non-competitive swim team.  She wasn’t sure about her decision.  It was new, and she didn’t know anybody and she wasn’t sure.  Something new.


The first words that came out of her mouth, as we introduced ourselves to the coach was “I don’t know if I should be here, because I can’t swim butterfly…” He said: “that’s why you are here then, you’ll be fine.”


And yes, she’d been fine.  She’s been fine even from that first day.  Today, a year later, not only she’s fine, but Siena’s favorite stroke is, you guessed it, butterfly.  And this 20- something teacher, coach has been awesome.  He’s patient, nice, funny, into what he’s doing, so dedicated really and very supportive of the kids.  All the kids really like him, and the parents do too.


And for us, he’s been the reason why Siena has learned so much in swimming, all the strokes, including butterfly. He is the reason why Siena went to the first meet, even though she was nervous and wasn’t sure about the competition.  He is the reason why now, we don’t only do these classes, but are switching to a competitive swim team, practicing 3 times a week instead of one, with 3 1/2 more hours of swimming. He is the reason, Siena felt that she could do this move and be part of this bigger team, because he’s there too.  We are all excited to what’s to come next.


But this past weekend, we celebrated Siena’s fourth swim meet.


As always, she’s smiling all the time.  I don’t know if she’s smiling also while she swims, and she’s underwater.  But she is when she’s in line waiting.  She finishes her races and she’s smiling.  She looks up at us in the bleachers and she’s smiling. She’s talking to her coach and friends, and she’s smiling.

Photo by Lucas
Photo by Lucas

Swimming is still her thing and we are getting started into something new, and we are all excited for her.  We feel her excitement every time she walks into that pool.  She’s always ready for her practice, and ready to do her best, every single day.


When she asks us not to skip any of her four (yes four!) practices. When she comes down from her room in the morning, with her swim bag ready for the evening practice.  When she comes back home from playdates so she can make it on time, almost every day of the week, we know, we truly know this is her thing.  For now at least.  And it’s fun.

DSC_0025-small DSC_0028-small



DSC_0027-small DSC_0029-small DSC_0031-small

DSC_0041-small DSC_0042-small


We are there with her and for her.  Cheering, whistling and clapping, for her, for her friends and all the other kids that also got up early that morning giving their best after hours of practice.  Maybe it’s their first meet, maybe their third or fourth or tenth.  It doesn’t matter. We are all there to celebrate our kids and see them swim.

DSC_0053-smallSometimes it just gets too hot and we need a break and go outside for few minutes.  But it’s not long.  We are ready for more watching.  Lucas is always ready.  He takes things to do while we are in Siena’s practices and for the meets.  But he always ends up watching her and learning from her.


He’s excited he’s learned to swim across the pool, too.  He’s excited he’s learning to turn by watching his sister.  He has a swim cap.  He practices whenever he can, and loves to swim laps.  He’s looking forward to the next few months when he can join this swim team too.  He’s a great brother and her biggest fan.

DSC_0083-smallWe are there to cheer for Siena and see her smile.  Because we know, as she says, is in the water where she feels great!


Thank you for the fun!  Here’s Siena’s individual medley for those who want more swimming today!


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